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Lemon for websiteWe support advances in non-human primate (primarily macaque) welfare through our research funding schemes. To-date we have committed over £2 million for projects to refine procedures used in awake, behaving neuroscience studies and to better assess and alleviate pain and distress. We also collaborate with researchers to develop and disseminate best practice, through publications, events and other resources. See our primate welfare hub for further information.

We estimate that all UK principal investigators working in primate neuroscience have either applied for NC3Rs research funding, received a grant from us, or are actively involved with our refinement activities. We also fund some of the UK’s leading animal welfare scientists and primatologists. This is testament to our ability to engage these communities on the 3Rs, and their desire to innovate to advance research practices to benefit science and animal welfare.



Funded research projects

Professor Roger Lemon, University College London Development of a new tissue-friendly head implant for use in awake, behaving monkey studies (2005)
Professor Stuart Baker, Newcastle University

Transcutaneous signal transmission without breaching the skin’s natural barrier to infection (2007)

Wireless high-bandwidth trans-cutaneous signal transmission (2012)

Dr Andrew Jackson, Newcastle University A fully automated system for positive reinforcement training of group-housed non-human primates (2012)
Professor Christopher Petkov, Newcastle University Individually customisable, non-invasive head immobilisation for primates with the option for voluntary engagement (2013)
Professor Alex Thiele, Newcastle University

Refinement of the use of fluid control as a motivational tool for non-human primates in neuroscience research (2012)

Improving biological integration of osseous and dermal tissues in macaque cranial implants (2016)

Professor Melissa Bateson, Newcastle University

Assessing cumulative severity in macaques used in neuroscience research (2013)

Refining weaning age in macaques destined for neuroscience research (2018)

Dr Matthew Leach, Newcastle University The assessment of pain using facial expressions in laboratory mice, rats, rabbits and macaques (2012)
Dr Sarah-Jane Vick, University of Stirling Quantifying the behavioural and facial correlates of pain in laboratory macaques (2013)
Professor Hannah Buchanan-Smith, University of Stirling

Validating reward-related behaviour for welfare assessment, and improving welfare through increased predictability of events (2013)

Refinement of rearing practices in marmosets (2011)

Dr Emily Bethell, Liverpool John Moores University Attention bias: A novel method to assess psychological well-being in group-housed non-human primates (2014)
Dr Rachel Tanner, University of Oxford Transfer of a non-human primate in vitro functional assay for the early evaluation of TB vaccine candidates and the associated immune response (2017)
Dr Steven Kennerley, University College London Refining training of non-human primates using automated home room training systems (2019)
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