Many researchers and facilities around the world have kindly supplied images and video for the site. We are extremely grateful to our contributors (acknowledged and anonymous) and also to the peer reviewers listed below:

Mr William Archibald, Charles River Laboratories Ms Jennifer McMillan, Emory University
Dr Caroline Bergmann, University of Oxford Dr Marek Niekrasz, University of Chicago
Dr Mollie Bloomsmith, Emory University Dr Chris Petkov, Newcastle University
Dr Anna Bottomley, Huntingdon Life Sciences Ms Angelina Ruiz-Lambides, University of Puerto Rico
Professor Hannah Buchanan-Smith, University of Stirling Professor Matthew Rushworth, University of Oxford
Dr Moshe Bushmitz, BFC Israel Dr Jerome Sallet, University of Oxford
Dr David Farningham, MRC Centre for Macaques Dr Lou Tasker, University of Stirling
Dr Alexander Georgiev, University of Chicago Mr Kevin Watts, Huntingdon Life Sciences
Dr Michael Gumert. Nanyang Technological University Mrs Jayne Watson, University of Oxford
Ms Catherine Hills, University College London Dr Claire Witham, MRC Centre for Macaques
Mr Mike Dennis, Public Health England Dr Kris Coleman, Oregon NPRC
Ms Maria Martinez, University of Oxford Professor Sarah Wolfensohn, University of Surrey


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